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Care and attention

Portraits & Headshots

Digital cameras capture phenomenal detail. Precision retouching can make a huge difference in the finished image.

Refine to perfection

Clothing and Body

Portrait and event photography are fast-paced. Movement and poses can pull and tug clothing out of place. Those details can be tweaked to refine a person’s shape for a more flattering photo.

Eyes on the prize


Even the most carefully composed image can have distractions in the background. These are easily cleaned up so the focus can go back to the main subjects of the photo.

This and that

Miscellaneous Fixes

Most any image could benefit from minor subtle retouching. Closed eyes, glasses glare, a hair out of place – the details make all the difference.

Precious memories


Breathe new life into cherished family photos that have been damaged over time. Bringing back details from a different era is a powerful way to reconnect with family.

Nothing but Love from Our Clients

  • You are unbelievable. Subtle, as it should be, and very well done. Client is going to love them!!”

    Korri Crowley, Lifestyle & Family Portrait Photographer
  • I am so grateful to have found RetouchHelp this past fall. They’re fast, communicative, and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend RetouchHelp for any of your editing needs!”

    Amanda Macchia, Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer
  • Steph at RetouchHelp works magic. I know I can trust her with small things like a head swap to removing larger distracting elements from the background. Highly recommend!”

    Kelly Benvenuto, Wedding Photojournalist
  • Steph’s retouching saved me SO MUCH TIME and stress! If I had done it myself I would have agonized over every detail and eventually would have just quit when I realized I didn’t have hours to pick up new retouching skills on the fly. I feel like a boss outsourcing to an expert and getting to focus on the work I actually enjoy. 100% worth it!”

    Lorna Stell, Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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