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Free Trial

Your first image is always free. Simple or complex, send me an image that needs some help, and I’ll show you what I can do!


Simple retouch requests that take 15 minutes or less are $20. Complex retouching or multiple images: $70/hour. If you’d like an estimate, send me the file and a message with details about the work you need done.

Photographers and Creative Professionals

Inquire about special pricing and partnership programs for high volume studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Respectful Retouching?

Great question. It’s retouching that elevates an image to the place where the photographer and the subject meant it to be. The photoshop work isn’t meant to significantly change the original image to make someone 20 lbs thinner, 20 years younger or generally unrecognizable. Often the work can start with areas a person feels self-conscious of and, with subtle changes can improve it, just enough without turning into a photoshop fail.

Can you make me look younger and thinner?

Yes, but within the bounds of being respectful to your current self. Often I can reshape clothing or even out lighting to improve the areas that you might be concerned with and still maintain the integrity of the image as it was captured.

How much will it cost?

Everyone can submit an image for a free trial and I’ll retouch any image at no cost. Additional images start at $20 for simple jobs that take less than 15 minutes. If it’s a more complex job or you have multiple images I would bill $70 per hour. I can give you an estimate when  you submit the files and a description of what you need done.

Do you charge per image?

I charge a flat rate for simple jobs that take 15 minutes or less or an hourly rate for complex images or a series of images. Often I can work through a series of images quickly but it all depends on the work needed. For example: a client submits 12 images for simple fixes and it takes me an hour total. That’s $5.83 per image.

How long does it take?

24-72 hours is a typical turnaround for retouching requests. Smaller requests are easier and can even be done on the same day the request is made. Please mention any deadlines you may have and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

What’s the first step for a free trial?

Submit your image and include a description of the work the image needs. I’ll review the request and work on your image or follow up with you if I have a question. Once I finish the image, I’ll send you a link to download the new file. If we need to do anything else, let me know.

What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

With customized services like this I believe there’s always a path to success and getting to a happy place. Every client has different needs and finding that will need a unique solution each time. I aim for you to be happy with the results and the process and will work together to get there, guaranteed.

Will our images end up in your portfolio or social media?

No, not without your express permission.

Do you have special rates for photographers and creative professionals?

YES! Please send me a message from your professional email and I’ll share a special rate sheet with you.

Can you retouch another professional photographer’s images?

Yes. By submitting images to Retouch Help you are agreeing you have the authority to have retouching work done on the images. If you’re not sure, you should confirm that with the professional photographer.

Can you retouch pictures taken on a cell phone?

Yes. Submit the highest resolution image you have, a description of what it needs and I’ll take a look.

About Steph Stevens

I am an established Boston-area photographer with a passion for perfecting images through retouching. Over the years, I’ve learned some photographer colleagues loathe the nit picky process of photoshopping images but I happen to love it. I started doing post-production work for them and in 2019, Retouch Help started to grow. Now I help friends, colleagues, former clients, creatives of all types, and anyone with images that need some love.