Wedding Portraits at a Socially Distant Event

The last post was an experiment in photographing and joining a socially distant group of stuffed animals, my dog and my boys.

Better than that is an actual wedding day with photos from the mega talented Kelly Benvenuto where some guests were photographed separately. I appreciate that the goal was to experience the wedding safely but Kelly captured it in a way that merging these images was easily possible. She positioned them, thoughtful of how they’d join the group after photoshop. Through some digital work in post production the final photo can capture the spirit of how the group should have looked and how the day can be remembered.

In the 5 +1 person group it was a pretty straightforward addition of one person on the left. There were some minor adjustments to blend the light and shadows.

What was retouched?
  • Start with a base group image
  • Silhouette or create photoshop mask for woman added to the left
  • Blend shadows and bright areas to create a more seamless look

~ ~ ~

The next sets followed similar steps. Plus I removed a small stray hair that caught a little direct sunlight.

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