Boston Vacation Group Photo

I really loved working on this image. The request came from a portrait client from a few years ago. She was thrilled to use a free trial of my services to fix up this family photo. It’s a snapshot like many of us would have.

It is simply a feat to have a photo of six happy faces with everyone’s eyes open but there are the typical background details you might expect in the city: trucks and stray people walking in the background. I can fix that!

I used different techniques to reduce the “noise” in city background. Sometimes recreating new building facades or just removing the lettering.

What was retouched?
  • Remove writing from the box truck on the left
  • Remove the entire box truck on the right
  • Remove the person walking behind the group
  • Eliminate or minimize extra color details: red tail lights, crosswalk, street signs
  • Adjust overall color and target red tones on faces
  • Straighten and crop photo to align with vertical lines of buildings

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