Retouching Cambridge City Hall Wedding Photos

I photographed this wedding at Cambridge City Hall on a sunny day in November 2020 and it marks over 10 years of capturing weddings at this building. It’s a favorite venue to photographers, myself included and after the wedding I did something I’d never done before! I photoshopped out the many air conditioners that hang out the windows. It’s something I’d always thought of but never took the extra editing steps. Since launching Retouch Help I am incorporating those services into my event and portrait photography work so I can help make favorite pictures even more print worthy.

I should make clear this is not part of standard event photography editing. Standard editing includes balancing exposure, color balance, contrast and cropping. These edits go above and beyond to re-imagine what the building could look like simplified, with the cleanest of lines and architecture.

Beyond the air conditioners and neatening the windows some additional requests were made and I’m really quite thrilled with the results.

What was retouched?
  • Remove air conditioners
  • Neaten windows
  • Remove drainpipes
  • Extend fuller hedges to the left
  • Extend grass over mulch
  • Fix fly away hairs on Bride
  • Smooth Bride’s sash
  • Remove small branches on top left

That door looks 1000% better without those many notices taped up!

What was retouched?
  • Remove banner at top
  • Remove signs on door
  • Remove blue sign on right
  • Even out dark tones on facade
  • Remove rust stain on steps
  • Clean up grout on steps
  • Smooth and straighten Groom’s tie
  • Remove flyway hairs on Bride’s face
  • Add a small amount of light to Bride’s face



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