Restoring a Birthday Party Photograph

To start, I’ll say that I’m really happy with how this came out and more importantly my client is thrilled. I was intimidated by this and initially said “I’ll do the best I can.” I first glanced at the image and thought, I have no information about what the cake looks like!

Lucky for me I’ve been watching cake decorating videos (they’re calm, smoothing content to watch when I’m exhausted from news) and felt some confidence that I could re-imagine the shape of a simple tiered cake.

Once I fixed the area damaged by a water, I did some standard repair of scratches and adjusted contrast as needed. On the left there’s a girl that looks entirely cast in yellow. I colored her dress pink, added a peach skin tone and kept the balloon yellow.

What was retouched?
  • Repair water damage
  • Reconstruct a tiered cake
  • Retouch scratches on scanned print
  • Redefine colors on table, place settings, dresses, skin tones
  • Adjust contrast where the image was faded, as needed


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