No Makeup Studio Portrait Retouching

This is me! I did some self portraits during quarantine. The original image is “straight out of camera” and first I brightened the exposure overall, specifically  in the shadows and added some warmth. The camera on a tripod caught the edge of the studio light and a bit of the living room beyond the seamless background and easily created more background. I did some light stray hair retouching. I wanted a light skin retouch so that some details, lines and blemishes are eased, softened and less obvious. It’s important for me that I not go too far as to lose good natural skin texture. I did a little clean up to hairs and lines in skin at the neck. Just a little teeth whitening too.

What was retouched?
  • Adjust exposure bring up brightness, shadows and add warmth
  • Remove studio light
  • Expand background
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Smooth skin
  • Under eye smoothing
  • Remove blemishes
  • Clean up neck creases
  • Whiten teeth

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